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Zhu Zhu Biography, Profile, Date of Birth(DOB), Star Sign, Height, Siblings

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Date Of Birth
Jul 19, 1984
Full Name
Zhu Zhu

Zhu Zhu biography:

Zhu Zhu is a Chinese Actress and Singer. she was born on 19 July 1984 in Beijing. Zhu Zhu started her career in Acting her debut movie is What Women Want(2011), Cloud Atlas(2012), Last Flight(2014), Tales of mystery(2015), The Apparition(2016), Tubelight in Hindi. she also did in Television shows Marco Polo(2014), Runnung After Love(2015), Marco polo(2016).

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Tubelight is an Indian Bollywood Historical war drama movie Directed by Kabir Khan and produced by Salman Khan under the banner of Salman Khan Films and Kabir Khab Films. movie is based on Sino-Indian War and music by Pritam and Julius Packiam. movie starring are Salman Khan, Sohali Khan, Zhu zhu are leading and in guest Role Shah Rukh Khan. movie is Scheduled to release in June 2017.