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Rahul Biography, Profile, Date of Birth(DOB), Star Sign, Height, Siblings

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Rahul is a Indian Tollywood film actor. He was introduced in the movie Happy Days as a Tyson in 2007. After that he did many movies Rainbow(2008), Mugguru(2011), Love You Bangaram(2014).
Rahul upcoming movie is Venkatapuram(2017).

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Venkatapuram is a Indian Tollywood Action Drama movie Story, screenplay and Direction by Venu Madikanti and Produced by Shreyas Srinivas and Tumu Phani Kumar Under the banner of Good Cinema Group and Bhaahumanya arts. Movie is Edited by Madhu. Music by Achu. Movie Starring are Rahul,Mahima Makhwana, Ajaygosh and Ajay in leading Roles. movie is scheduled to release on April 14,2017.