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Neal H. Moritz


Dear Mr. Moritz,

For that what happened two weeks ago with Roger and Paul I'm not able to find the right words. I feel so sad and I can't still believe it. But I believe it would in Paul's thinking to keep The Fast and The Furious series alive.

If you don't know yet how the storry of Fast8 could continue, it would be a pleasure to help you out with it and I would do it free of charge. I collect already some ideas how Brian O'Conner would have died in Fast8 and his brother from Germany is waiting in the wings....

My name is Thomas and I was born in the Black Forest/Germany, in the same year as Paul. 

If you are interested to make contact with me you can write me to this Email: [email protected] And incidentally I will be in Los Angeles next week from 20.12 to 23.12 on my way to Hawaii vacation.

Anyway it would be a pleasure to get a response from you.

All the best and cheers

Thomas from Black Forest 

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