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Latest Tollywood News: Indian film Actor & producer of Box office recently hit movie Dhenikaina Ready Vishnu Manchu is excited with the High Court verdict today.

The Division Bench of AP High Court including Chief Justice and other judge admitted the producer's call on today and stayed the single judge's order last year for deletion of two scenes. The court's decision was a great relief when the order in which the manufacturer was not made delete two scenes.

Vishnu Manchu pain and cruel hunting combat the problem, and can meet the judgment of the High Court, but its other directors, the unforeseen obstacles as an advantage. This fight is going to be the benchmark for the Indian film industry.

AP Brahmin land offensive to Brahmins and many other Brahmins Denikaina Ready submitted a complete ban of various written reports to the High Court last year requirements. Single judge refused to ban the film, while ordered the two scenes. But the developers appealed against this decision.

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