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Shahrukh is enthralled about his upcoming movie “Chennai Express” which is filmed opposite his “Om Shanti Om” co star Deepika Padukone. In an interview with the Super star about his upcoming movie and his portray on the film, he said even after working for two decades in the film industry he feels acting is the most difficult thing to do.

The astonishing thing which you would like to hear about the king of Romance is, SRK doesn’t like romantic movies in fact he likes to share TV with his children’s watching comedy and Action movies. When asked to SRK about his upcoming movie and director Rohit Shetty, he said Rohit even has a mentality like him and likes to make movies related to Action Comedy. SRK liked the movie “Golmaal” which was directed by Rohit Shetty himself.  Even after having a shoulder injury Shahrukh was so excited about this project that he used to work for more than twelve hours despite of the fact that he was asked to take rest from his doctor. The release of Chennai express game has also made the films promotion more prolific. The kids are super excited about the game which certainly is a good sign for the director and producer too.

When asked about what Rajnikanth had to do with this project, he said making fun of the question that if you use the word Chennai, than some how you should relate it with Rajnikanth sir or else it is unworthy so in some part of the movie you might get a glimpse of him. Shahrukh has dedicated one of the songs in this movie to the Tamil Superstar “Rajnikanth”. He had also talked to Rajinikanth’s daughter about his upcoming film and listening to this project she was too excited. As Rohit Shetty’s signature style the movie is also full of comedy and romance which is scheduled to be released on 9th of August this year. According to SRK, the next film is Karan Johar’s “Happy new Year” which will be released next year and until that he will not be working on any project. When asked what kind of role he would like to play in his next film, he said it might be a negative role and swiped the question with a pleasant smile.

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