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Salman-Khan-To-Get-Rs. 5-Crore-Per-Episode-Of-Bigg-Boss 7

Bollywood Dabangg Actor Salman Khan is on a career high. He has beforehand shot for the first promotional videos of Bigg Boss 7. The 47-years old Actor will be one time again breaking records, as he is set to become the highest paid actor on television - with a salary of Rs 130 crore. According to Bollywood reports on Tuesday informed that the actor will get a Whooping Rs 5 crore per episode for the reality show.

Salman khan will take an enormous amount of almost Rs 130 crore for appear in 26 episodes. According to Bollywood Reports, salman khan will be the host and play a double role in Bigg Boss 7. The Dabangg Star Salman (Sallu) in a double role will be to depict both haven and hell.

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