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Ram-Charan-Rs. 2-Crore- For-One-Scene-Of-Upcoming-Movie-‘Toofan’

Tollywood Mega Star Ram Charan's debut Bollywood film 'Zanjeer' is slated to come before the audience in September. Ram Charan movie is being released as 'Toofan' in Telugu Language. Now an entertaining fact concerning the movie has come to light. The unit reportedly spent Rs. 2 crore for an action scene shot recently.

Some 2000 huts were instituted in the Film City, to take after Mumbai Dharavi slum for shooting the action scene which they believe would be highlight of the film. The unit used 7 cameras and a large number of cars. 120 fighters and 300 junior artistes took part in the shooting. It should be seen how the audience would reaction to the scene filmed at such an outgoings and taking so much strain.

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