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Michelle Williams has signed a profitable deal to become the “face” of Louis Vuitton, but the Hollywood star showed little percent in fashion when Mandrake spoke to her last year.

“I like to wear a dress by a local designer if I’m going to be in that special country for a few days,” she told me. “But, usually, I wouldn’t have much idea where the shoes or luggage are from.”

Asked for her favourite designers, the 32-year-old prior girlfriend of Heath Ledger did not state a liking for Louis Vuitton.

“I love Erdem, a indeed beautiful aesthetic fashion house,” said the American actress. “Their dresses are stunning.”

Did she enjoying dressing up for the red carpet? “I do, to limitation, but what I really love about that is that you catch up with friends you made on the film who you might not have seen for fully a while. Rather than the dress I’m wearing.

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