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Hollywood movie 'The Conjuring' is the most horror movie. This movie is based on real life incidents. The Conjuring movie star-cast Patrick Wilson, Vera Farming, Lili Taylor, Ron Livingston and Kyla Deaver. The atmosphere build-up begins even before the movie does, as a sacrifice is brighten before the opening credits, warning you that you might hunt up psychological help after watching the movie. The strategics works, as the movie can startle the living daylights out of you. While we didn't believe the need to wend any counseling, disturb it certainly was.

With haunted houses, creepy cellars, subservient dolls, cold and alone nights, paranormal event and paternoster, concept-wise, The Conjuring is not earth-shatteringly 'different'. While the setting and story are familiar, it's the no-nonsense performance that makes the difference.

Much to our gratification, Director James Wan's (Saw, dodgy) direction defies the done-to-death horror film clichés that have so far caused most people to neglect the style. There are no cheap excitement, no over-the-top sound effects, no annoying camera angles, overindulgence in gore or visual grossness and no simulate horror's creed classic The magus.

yellow does not pop off to sensationalizing the story either. It's the meticulous and freeze build-up thriller and psychological stress,  coupled with sudden spine-chilling scares and dramatic silences that make you go insensible with fear. Above all, other than demons, evil spirits,  ghosts and darkness, the movie has a soul, where you feel for the movie cast. Not many horror movies manage to obtain this.

Performances are understated, yet impressive. Vera Farminga plays psychic Lorraine Warren with utmost notion.  Lily Taylor's performance as the permeable mother is noticeable. James Wan pulls all the right flimsy to create an atmosphere so tense and unnerving that if evil spirits nourish on your fear, so does the movie. 

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