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Gopichand’s new movie ‘Sahasam’ Telugu Movie directed by Chandra Sekhar Yeleti. This Movie Actress Lead Character is played by Tapsee. Sahasam is collective a reckon good movie with good photography, action scenes and good performance by important characters.

Sahasam Review : Story

Suryanarayna Varma [Suman] a diamond merchant and during India-Pakistan partition he accidentally drops his wealth of 900 diamonds at a treasure hiding place of a popular king. His grandson Gautam [Gopichand] comes to know about this treasure and desires to achieve his grandfather's wealth at any cost. Gautham comes to know that this treasure place is at Pakistan and Sreenidhi [Taapsee] is only source to reach that place. Did Sreenidhi help Gautham to reach Pakistan? Does Gautham find the treasure? What difficulties did Gautham face to achieve his grandfather wealth has to be seen on silver screen.

Sahasam Review :Star Performance

Gopichand has come back again performance especially in action-fight sequences. He carried off the entire film on his shoulders well and impersonate a stable performance.

Taapsee has sparing scenes but her played key role in the movie. She made her attendance felt furthermore with sparing run time. Bollywood actor Shakti Kapoor gave an acute performance as Sultan, main villain of the film. Dudding given to him added weight to brilliant expressions given by him. Ali's character was very least but he gives entertainment every minute when he appears on screen. Suman's special cameo was neat yet effective. And I am giving 3-Stars of this movie.

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