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Latest Bollywood News: Indian film actor Anil Kapoor, after completing the shooting of the 1st season of TV Show “24”, he is set to soon start with the 2nd season. Anil Kapoor Says: “The aim is to create a good product”.

Anil Kapoor Says: he hasn’t received as much appreciation before, but he believes the best thing about “24” is that the work of al actors has been praised.

It was good, I've never much appreciated. People wanted show. The best thing is that everyone appreciated.

“Sometimes a film (actor) a film is running, it is appreciated. But this show is all well and good”.

TV Series “24” is an adjustment of the hit American TV Show by the same name. Actually the show is based on a 24-hour format where 1st season spans over 24 episode chronicling 24 hours.

In the TV Series, Anil Kapoor plays the role of Anti-Terrorist Unit, his names Jai Singh Rathod.

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