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Latest Bollywood News: After Salman Khan wore 'Dhoom 3' Aamir hats and in the upcoming film support at a time when his show Bigg Boss 7 Aamir was agitated and embarrassed, and was quoted as saying: "I give you full marks Salman (of madness' Dhoom 3 ')". So now, when it came time to return the favor Aamir is not a good word unsaid to Salman Khan "Jai Ho" is preparing for its 24th release in January.

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan tweeted this less than an hour back, "11 days to go.... JAI HO!!!" In fact, had even tweeted yesterday that the actor "go for 11 days .... Jai Ho". All this is of course after Aamir had said that "Salman Jai Ho is Dhoom 3 break the record."

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